HEY BOYFRIENDS! Get these things for your girl friends!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, boyfriends. I was joking with my sister the other day that we should start a gift giving consulting firm for boyfriends. It seems like the boyfriends we know WANT to give good gifts, they just aren’t sure where to start. Girls are confusing. 🙂 So I thought I’d put together a list of meaningful items that are cheaper or the same price as the cost of an ugly teddy bear & flower. Bonus- most of these items benefit people in need. Girls think compassion is really hot. Trust.


1. Eurasia Cafe Coffee or Tea Gift Set, $28
Eurasia Cafe is amazing- through the proceeds from their coffee, they are able to address spiritual needs around the world. Plus- they send you the cute wrapping! GF will be So impressed!

2. Initial Necklace from GroopDealz.com, $10.99
This necklace will go way farther than anything you’re going to find at Macy’s. She can wear it every day AND you went to the lengths to find a personal gift! I can hear the “Awwwwwwwww!”‘s now! This particular necklace is only available for one more day, but this site is a great resource. They have tons of cute (and affordable!) accessories!

3. Hello Somebody Watches, $22
Hello Somebody partners with organizations helping those in need all around the world. Plus these watches are super edgy & the pink one is so cute!

4. Scarf Charm from Jubilee Market, $20

Jubilee Market is full of items that have been made by artisans who have been rescued out of slavery in India. This site empowers women, helps spread the gospel, AND sells really cute things! Present with a purpose- that is a home run!

5. Free Spirit Necklace, 26 Letters via Relevant Magazine, $18

The sales of this necklace support Mercy Ministries- a “free-of-charge, voluntary, Christian residential program to girls ages 13-28 struggling with life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, depression and unplanned pregnancy.” Birds are totally in, and she will love that this necklace sets people free!

If you really want to put the cherry on top of a great Valentine’s Day, take her out to eat at a place that supports MealMatch– a cool new thang that sends a meal to someone in need every time you eat!

I have some Valentine’s Day plans of my own that I can’t wait to share! Love a good girl’s night!

Katie Cannon

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