Small Group : Potatoes & Friends


Sometime in the fall, Candi told me I needed to find a small group- a place where I could build friendships. I replied, “THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!” Like a lot of things, sometimes you just have to make something up. SO…I created my own group! It’s made up of post college girls who are managing the many transitions that come with not having a set next level of education. Last week was our first meeting and I asked Abby to share- Abby is a hero to me! Not only has she served over seas, but she just carries this wonderful authenticity and humility.

We did a baked potato bar- I made the potatoes and people brought tons of fun toppings! A great gluten free option and super budget friendly! Also, these are not the best favors I’ve ever made, but I wanted people to leave with something! I got some fun flavored water and attached a silly note.


Abby shared about 2 Corinthians 6:11-13:


She challenged us to open our hearts to each other and to God. This created a cool space to share about each one of our lives.

I left feeling really encouraged & looking forward to our next meeting. It’s just so clear that SOME thing like this is needed. I keep saying it’s selfish, but really there are lots of girls (and guys too I’m sure!) who find themselves in that weird place between graduation and being married. Except for awkward singles ministries, this demographic is kind of overlooked until they’re married in the church. That’s a bummer. I hope this small group of girls can blossom into something really awesome. Even if I have no idea what I’m doing. 🙂

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