facebook. status. update.

i posted a Bible verse last week on my facebook.


it was relevant to where i was at that exact moment. 10 people liked it almost immediately. i couldn’t help but think, “i wonder if people think i actually believe this…or if im just posting because it sounds good and Christiany.”

i posted it because i was desperate- i need the Lord to make my ways straight when I want to jump off a cliff… or push someone off of one!

i desperately need to trust the Lord in all areas of my life. im in too deep, i have no choice but to trust Him. if I don’t, i will surely fail.

in that moment, and in many moments, that verse was life to me. hope to me. something to cling to.

i feel like im at the point where i have to put my money where my mouth is. the rubber needs to meet the road. is His grace really sufficient for everyone? For me, specifically? every thing? every sin? like EVERY sin? is the ground really level at the cross? can i really trust Him? can He really change my heart? am I worth fighting for? can i use stubbornness for good? can i really know Him- Jesus? the person who was really here on earth and really died and really rose again.

the answers, the truth are in the pages of His word. and if it takes a facebook status to remind me, to keep it at the forefront, then all glory be to God & God bless Mark Zuckerburg.

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