Links on Links.


Life has been crazy and busy and crazy! I went to a conference last weekend for young adults & I was promoting Chi Alpha. I was so confused about WHY no one I knew had heard about this conference…and it turns out it was being put on by the Latin/Native American District. Hahah I was glowingly white. We were welcomed with open arms into this tight knit community. More on that later…but I do have lots of links to share. Most with a Valentine’s Day theme. I love this holiday of love!

I know I mentioned Eurasia Cafe recently, but I love their challenge to preform 3 random acts of kindness before Valentine’s Day! Let me know if you take the challenge! I’m going to do it!

Obvs, I love a good read about millennials. This article lists all the things we were blamed for ruining this year.

This article made the recent decision to end Saturday mail feel more real! I love this idea of sending more mail! And I feel so sad for this author!

These printable “Perfect Pairings” valentines are so sweet! It makes me want to look for a reason to use them!

And these valentines are just hilarious to me.

This adorable film made by an adorable blog is a perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

I mentioned Meal Match in my gift guide post, but it really is an amazing app! You check in at local restaurants, and they send a meal to someone who needs one. We all got to eat- why not do it with some purpose. XA is going to do a mass meal match- you’re totally invited to join us.

Speaking of Events, Shawn & Candi are hosting their 3rd annual support banquet! Free dinner, free child are, and free testimonies of what God is doing on campus! You’re totally invited to that too!

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