Happy Valentine’s Day!


You guys…. I love Valentine’s Day! I just love it! I love the candy, I love the colors, and I love that it’s about love!

Growing up, we always got really fun Valentine’s Day treats from my mom and dad. I loved handing out Valentines to my class….and stressing out about who to give which Valentine too! Oh 3rd grade stress! One year I gave out Clarissa Explains it All valentines. They were SO COOL!

Here is an example that Google so graciously provides:


My other most prominent Valentine’s Day memory was coming home from kindergarten with a big envelope of valentines. The envelope had a long string on it- like a purse strap? And I tripped over it on to our front stoop and my whole forehead got all scraped up! On top of that, my mom wasn’t home and I had to go to the neighbors. (For the record, my mom came home like 2 seconds layers haha) So you could say its kind of a miracle that I wasn’t scarred for life…har har har.

I also love Valentine’s Day because of sweet notes like this one:


At the ripe age of 25, my mom still sends me a Valentine’s Day package- full of goodies and jewelry!


Later tonight, I’m getting together with some ladies and we’re doing dinner & a movie. (Gotta love a good Studio Movie Grill Groupon!) We’re doing an earring exchange too! I’m so excited to get dressed cute and have some fun!

I hope Valentine’s is as fun for you as it is for me! I hope you spread some love to special people in your life! Most of all, I hope it’s a day that you can focus on how loved and blessed you are! If you’re lonely- reach out! Take back Valentine’s Day this year!

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