High Five for Friday!

I’m back from my H54F Hiatus! Haha The past few weeks have been cray! But I know these are Mag’s fav, and I like doing them too! Here goes!
20130215-131220.jpg1. Arise2013 Kristen & Abby journeyed with me to the far off land of Glendale for Arise2013– a young adults conference.   We got to meet lots of people, share about XA, and spend time together! We learned lots about relationships, singleness, and Native American Culture!

2. TAYLOR! I had the extreme treat to see Taylor while she was on the mainland briefly! So fun to spend time with these girls! We did not match on purpose. 🙂

3. Valentine’s Day with the Ladies! Despite lackluster service, we had a great time at Studio Movie Grill seeing Safe Haven.

4. Little Helper. Aves came with me to campus on Wednesday. She is 4 going on 22.

5. Lunch with Magglio. I’m so thankful to have sisters that are my best friends! We tried America’s Taco Shop and it was deeeeelish!

In an effort to make my own eyes not bleed, I’ve updated the look of the blog a little bit and updated the cute ideas page! I also added a “gift guides” page. Check ’em out! (Especially if you’re reading this from Google Reader or something!)

Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

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