Valentine’s Day Outing! + Gift Exchange


On Valentine’s Day, a handful of girls got together to celebrate love & friendship. This was not a “boys suck we hate valentines day” thing. This was a “all the 20 something’s I see on tv are always having a fun time and I want to too” thing!

We saw Safe Haven at Studio Movie Grill. It’s one of those theatres that serves food during the movie! There was a groupon out- $5 for the movie and a drink. What a steal!. I’m not sure if it was because of Valentine’s Day or what but the service was horrendous! After going to Ipic, nothing really compares. We must have had 7 different servers, they forgot one of our salads, brought drinks after the food, served cold fries…it was kind of a mess. Oh and they like creep up and down the aisle during the whole movie. They do this crouch thing that was hysterical to me- I felt like they were lurking creatures or something.

The movie was….kind of like a high budget Lifetime movie. All those on the Twittersphere who thought it was as good as The Notebook are insane. The Notebook- to me- is like the Michael Jordan of chick flicks.

The company was wonderful, though! We did an earring exchange! I was having a hard time deciding how to do the exchange- but I had a stroke of genius! Every girl wants jewelry AND chocolate in Valentine’s Day, right? I got these cute little boxes that fit one piece of See’s candy. How cute are they?!


I wrote a number (1-7) on the bottom of the boxes & then lined up all the gifts. I gave each if the girls a chocolate and they got the gift that was in that position. (Ie if you got a chocolate with #3 written in it, you got the third present in line!)



Here are some of the girls with their new bling! I got the cute key earrings! Perrrrfect because I’m so obsessed with keys!


Oh and I busted out my polka dot pants for the occasion! I picked up this cute coral jacket on super sale at Target!


It was a super fun night and a great way to CELEBRATE!!! (A theme of my life!) I hope you had a Valentines Day that filled you with warm fuzzies!


Ps: Not to brag…but I totally got a valentine from the teller at the bank. It should also be stated that I severely offended him when I asked him if it was hard to love his finance because she goes to UofA…..whoops!


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