Links on Links!


It really is a beautiful thing to live in Arizona where it is 80* in February! I love it! I also love lots of these links that I’ve found around the web!

If I didn’t already have my polka dotted pants (the ones I wore on Valentine’s Day), I would totally be trying to do this DIY version! A total statement and so cute!

A really challenging/interesting thought.

This is an adorable idea being done by friends of a friend: they are taking a photo EVERY DAY of the first year they are married IN THEIR WEDDING CLOTHES! They are so cool and so super creative and just cool.

I stumbled upon this blog recently. She has a great design and lots of cool ideas!

This is just a hilarious story.

In crazy, sad news, a 9 year old girl gave birth in Mexico

Love this quote.

Please look at this page’s cover photo. Yes, she’s serious.

I’m pretty much in love with all of the New Arrivals from Kate Spade

Have you checked out the ASU Chi Alpha blog? There are some amazing pieces students have written and I will just sing their praises all night and day!

Hope you’ve enjoyed hopping around the Internet with me!

Katie Cannon

**This post is based on Sometimes Sweet‘s “Weekend Links.” You can read her latest links here.

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