High Five For Friday!

20130222-122854.jpg1. Rainboots! I remembered to wear them! I hate the rain- but at least I got to wear the boots!

2. A toast to the Bachelor! It’s down to 3! We had a Martinelli’s toast to commemorate the occasion. [spoiler alert!] It’s so weird to me that Des left and that Catherine is still there! I feel like Catherine should have gone home at the beginning! Now it’s all about AshLee, for me. (Oh and what was with that shower scene in the last ep?!? weird!)

3. 24hr Prayer Kick Off The Lord is doing SOMETHING on our campus! So many great leaders and prayer warriors in our midst! Wow!

4. Happy Birthday Maggie! My “little” sister turned 24 this week! Happy Birthday, Mag!

5. Joyce  I just started reading this book and it is so challenging! I randomly found out she was speaking at Phoenix First last night- so I hopped in my car and went! Even though I was in the SECOND overflow room (haha) I still was deeply convicted and challenged to not carry offense because it doesn’t serve me.

This weekend is going to be busy busy! The XA Support Banquet is tomorrow and my dear dear dear mentor & friend Angela is coming into town for the occasion! So exciting!

Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!

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