A Visit to Dori’s Bakery


I recently moved to a new corner of the valley. I was at the Safeway down the street when I noticed this sign for 99c bread and cupcakes!


Those happen to be my 2 favorite foods for one of my favorite prices! Plus it’s local! i love that! Obviously, I am so skeptical of cupcakes because I have been ruined FOREVER by Sprinkles. They are my favorite cupcake and you aren’t going to convince me otherwise! #trust.

Anyways, I took the plunge and decided to give it a try. I also gave the high school kid working a heart attack when I told him I was “a little bit of a cupcake critic.” He was like, “Oh really? Are you in pastry school?” “Um no..I just really like…cupcakes.”

He offered to slice the bread for me with their cool slicer machine.20130311-192631.jpg

The bread was delish- homemade at its finest! The crust was soft and it was so tasty!

The cupcake on the other hand…


It was okay. Like I said, my standards are impossibly high. The cake part was good…but like if your friend made a really good red velvet cupcake. The frosting was….not good. I just didn’t like it. I’m not sure if they put some lemon juice in it that threw it off or….what.

Overall, this place looked adorable for lunch. Next time Ill skip the cupcake, and stick with the bread!

Oh and Dori totally caught me snapping pics! Whoops!


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