A Trip to Citrus Heights Farms


Today I was on this trek all over God’s green earth to track down these $9 black wedges in my size at Walmart. I know…not the highest point of my life. Anyways, when I finally found them, I ended up driving past a bajillion citrus stands. Mesa is filled with citrus groves. (I’ve even picked citrus on not one but two occasions!) What made me stop at Citrus Heights Farms was the promise of fresh cinnamon rolls!


They had so many varieties of fresh citrus! I picked up a few navel oranges and a grapefruit! I love eating fresh, local things! (Mmm I’m still thinking about the fresh bread from Doris’s..)
But I also grabbed some fresh squeezed juice and a deeeeelicious cinnamon roll. Very cinnamony, creamy frosting (but not too cream cheesy), very carb-o-licious!


So if you find yourself in Mesa..perhaps headed to the Walmart on McKellips, check out this stand. Maybe I’ll find my way back some time soon!

[google map]

PS: Proof i really did pick citrus at one time! Here’s a picture from my senior year of college- we were picking citrus on campus! Feels like 1000 years ago!

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