Avocados 2 Ways!


I’ve always loved avocados- plain, in guac, on sandwiches, in salads…yum! When I found a recipe for avocado Mac & cheese, I was so excited! Then I was looking for a dry scalp treatment and I found out that avocado is great at moisturizing your hair & scalp! How exciting! Here’s how I used 1 avocado 2 different ways!

I used a combo of this recipe and this recipe for the Mac & cheese.

I loved how creamy the avocado made the pasta! I didn’t use the lime or cilantro but I did add garlic and it was SO GOOD! Yum! I ate it with some crusty bread for a carb festival!

Next up was the hair mask….


I used this recipe for the hair mask. It smelled like guacamole. I noticed it made my hair a little less dry…but nothing drastic. I probably won’t do it again. I did buy an 8 pack of shower caps from the dollar store so I want to try something with coconut oil next!

I DID, however, succeed in looking like a cafeteria lady in the shower cap.


So you win some, you lose some! But I will still love avocado…I’ll just keep it out of my hair.

Katie Cannon

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