XAGirl: Clothing EXchAnge! So fun!


On Saturday night, I had the supreme privilege of attending the ASU Chi Alpha Clothing Exchange! It was so fun! I had donated a bajillion items and the max you could take back was 15!

When you checked in, you got to enter for giveaways and they gave you a cute little bag where they wrote how many items you could take! Here’s what was in the bag:


How cute are those cookies?! They were donated by Amerelda’s Bakery! She does PHENOMINAL work! (Check out her etsy shop!)

I was mostly on the hunt for accessories but here’s the whole haul!

1. Black necklace
2. White Necklace
3. Silver Earrings
4-9. Bangles!
10. Flower ring
11. Brand new, never been worn earring & necklace set from Charming Charlie’s!

A local vintage shop donated some of their extras, and I think these came from that stash. But aren’t they cool?!
12. Gold lace up shoes
13. Bedazzled flats

These I grabbed on my way out…
14. Sear sucker blazer (way cuter on!)
15. Polka dot dress

In addition to shopping for clothes, they had a really fun DIYs! I made a washer necklace and fun bracelet!


Ok here’s a fun little story! Rae wore this dress to an XA event, she let me borrow it for an XA event & a wedding, and now Kristen is going to wear it to Ladies Night Out!


I think it’s so fun that you can donate stuff you’re never going to wear and then upgrade to new, fun things! Plus they are going to donate all the extra clothes to a local charity. If you have the chance, I would totally recommend attended a local clothing exchange!

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