Want to see what I got in my Easter Basket?!

My mom is in town and brought us some wonderful Easter Baskets! (Ok they were more like Easter USPS Priority Mail Boxes…but whatever.) And yes…I am 25 and still receiving an Easter Basket. I thought I’d share what I got in case you needed ideas!

It all started with the wrapping paper! It was so beautiful! None of us wanted to rip it! You can find it at World Market!


Then came the goodies!

-Beautiful Necklace and matching hair pins!
Door Hook!
-A gourmet chocolate bar
-Red Velvet Pancake Mix! (They have lots of other yummy favors too!)
-Cute Notecards (I can NEVER have enough of these!!)
-L’Occitaine Hand Cream (This stuff is amazing- it leaves no residue. You will never go to Bath & Body Works ever again!)
Soap with Verbena Leaves
-A Godiva Bunny (What Easter Basket is complete without one?!)
-Pomegranate Raspberry Beauty Sweeties Natural Gummies
-Sour Patch Watermelons- My favorite candy!
-Lots of fun candy!

Fun, huh?! As always, i think the most important part about gifts is that they are meaningful & heartfelt! I’m excited for the Super Bowl of the Christian Calendar! Mag & I are teaching Sunday School! Then Mag & Bets are hosting an Easter lunch at their apt! I can’t wait to celebrate!


(PS: This is in no way a sponsored post. None of the links are affiliate links or anything. This is just what my mom got me & I wanted to make it easy to find things :))

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