My Reality Family

I love reality television- everything from The Real Housewives to Sister Wives to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I feel so involved in their lives…kind of like I actually know them. Now, I could write a commentary about what this says about society and relationships and real communication….but instead….. I present to you My Reality Family. As in, if I could create my perfect reality tv star only family…this is who would be in it.


My mentor: Tyra Banks.

Now I know from watching several cycles of ANTM that Tyra is a tiny bit crazy. But she also is a strong business woman who is on top. She is a great motivator and is over the top- is that what you want in a mentor? Someone who is going to push you far? You can just pick out the good bits and leave the crazy in her office.

My Parents: Rachel Zoe & Roger Berman

This couple is totally insane. Rachel is neurotic (or should I say bananas?), but she has access to some great pieces and she’d help you get ready for prom in style! Roger is nuts too but he cares so much about his family! (And apparently not much about his appearance..have you seen his long hair? Yikes!) Most of all, they super love each other and super love their kid- what more could you ask for?.

My Neighbors: Kim & Kanye

I have been rooting for these two since before they were pregnant. I think they are weirdly perfect for each other. I think they’d throw awesome parties and probably let me baby sit their kids. Plus you know that Kanye probably does really weird things in the middle of the night. Ultimate people watching.

My Cool Aunt: Nene

Nene might be my favorite reality star ever. I feel like we would be best friends. I think she’s hilarious and smart and blunt. I think she’d be a great aunt that would give more grounded advice than Tyra but also be fun to shop with. I love Nene!

My Older Sister: Yoanna

This winner of cycle 2 was beautiful and sophisticated. She can come off a little pretentious and spacey, but wouldn’t this make a great older sister? She’s a standard to rise too, a great role model.

My Best Friend: Coral

If you ever watched any of the early Real World/ Road Rules challenges you know Coral is a BA. She is feisty, loyal, and committed making her the perfect best friend…and the worst enemy!

My Brother: Nev

Nev is always looking out for people and always rooting of or the underdog, he’s supportive, has a sense of humor, and is always down for some shenanigans. Also he would obvs protect me from catfish, too. I don’t have a brother but I feel like Nev would make the perfect one!

My twin sister: Lauren Conrad If you’ve known me longer than a week, then you know that I love LC. I love her feminine sense of style. I want to be just like her! Hahaha

So that is my imaginary, weird, reality family. Anyone you would want to hang out more?!? Let me know!!

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