Coconut Oil 2 Ways!


Maggie is obsessed with coconut oil- she seriously uses it for everything! She has sensitive skin and it works great as a lotion for her! I have been trying to moisturize my desert-status scalp and so Mag came over and we tried a few things! Here’s how they went….

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment:
I had read a few things (here and here) on the interwebs about how to use coconut oil in your hair, but mostly we just globbed it all over our hair, combed it through, and slapped on a shower cap. We both slept in it over night and washed it out in the morning. I had to wash my hair a few times this morning but it left my hair so soft and shiny! Mag loved it too & wants to do it once a week!

Coconut Oil Lip Scrub

My lips have been super dry lately…probably because I need to drink more water…but what ever. My fav posted a salt scrub to use on your lips and I decided to try it. This rendered results that can only be described as “meh.” If I did it again, I’d use sugar because the salt tasted gross. Ha! I also think it may have been a little to harsh for my lips that tend to be a little sensitive. Overall, I didn’t notice any real difference.

So…there ya go. Do you use coconut oil? Do you love it? Hate it? I am dying to know!


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