de.liberate: opening reception


Last night I had the privilege of attending Michelle’s Senior Art Show Opening Reception! There were so many amazing sculpture pieces! (Not to mention amazing people watching! A hipster Pauly D, cool artsy girls…basically a treasure trove.) They had lots of fun treats to munch on while taking in the art!


Michelle’s pieces were just breath taking!



These photos do them NO justice! Isn’t metals such a unique major/medium?!


It was so fun to see friends and all of the other art. Gallery 100 is really beautiful- with a glass wall that gives way to views on A mountain and Mill. I love looking at art, but it was so crowded (good problem!) and hot (az problem!) that I was overwhelmed! Plus-duh- I am easily overstimulated in social situations. Haha Especially with our fun drinks in hand, it felt like I was in a movie/show/Gossip Girl. People in movies are always going to art openings, right?!!


It was such a fun night and Michelle is such a talented artist. She’s actually in the process now of working towards using her artistic giftings in missions. I know! Awesome! Don’t worry- ill be posting all the info for how to support her here. 😉


If you’re interested in seeing her pieces up close, here is the info:

gallery 100
arizona state university
tuesday-thursday 12pm-5pm
friday: 12pm-3pm
All of the pieces are available for purchase, too!

PS: Check out these custom earrings that Michelle received from a fellow artist! She has tons of amazing pieces available in her etsy shop!


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