Engaging Gray Areas

Sometimes, when big tragedies happen, or I hear about really sad things, I purposely don’t engage. I don’t change my Facebook photo. I don’t read about details. I don’t watch the news. It just seems so overwhelming to me. Like if I can’t be an integral part of a solution, I just can’t have anything to do with it. (The one time I did desperately pray for the end of human trafficking, it was one of the craziest spiritual experiences of my life.)

I’m learning that I’ve seen too many things in my life as black and white- I don’t like gray. It’s not concrete. It might not be enough. I may actually be held responsible for something if I engage at all. But, lots of the world is gray. Most of it is actually.

I can pray, I can hope, and I can leave the “solving” to God and the people He works through.

Here are a few pieces I’ve read on the Boston Tragedy that struck a chord. I thought I’d share them here.

Chef Katelyn– who had a long history of great memories with the Marathon.

These beautiful photos.

I love this idea of being a little kinder in our own sphere.

I’ve prayed for you Boston. Promise.


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