Caprese Pasta 2 Ways!


The eternal plight of a single girl trying to eat healthy is trying to decide how much produce to buy! I am always on the hunt for ways to utilize food in several ways. (Thus my dressing 2 ways too!)

I love the favors that come with Caprese! Basil&Tomatoes& fresh mozzarella! Yum! I found this recipe for a Caprese pasta salad. This sounded like a great thing to bring for lunch…but I wanted dinner too! (It should be noted that i ate this at 9:40pm. That’s dinner time, right?)SO- When the pasta was done cooking (I used whole wheat penne), I just took some of the hot pasta and put it into a bowl off to the side. I rinsed & cooled the rest of the pasta and put in a container for lunch tomorrow (and one for another day!).

I loved the way the mozzarella melted a little bit in the hot version. I sampled the cold version and it was just as yummy! This also partially solves the single girl grocery problem of eating the exact same thing a million times in a row. Variety is the spice of life, right?!

Do you have any good lunch ideas? What do you like to bring to eat on the go?! I’m always dying for ideas!!


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