GOOD EATS: Celebrating my birthday!


This past Saturday was my 20…something birthday. (I’m 26 ok….and I feel ancient. Judge away, it is what it is.) My sisters and I have wanted to try more restaurants in Arcadia so I did what any normal person would do- I googled “cool restaurants in Arcadia.” Hahahah The Vig came up, I checked out the menu and it looked like exactly what I was looking for! Even Maggie, the “burger and fries” sister, thought the menu looked good!

Oh and for the record, it’s prononced like “pig” not like “vigalante.”


I did check out their Yelp page….whose reviews turned out to be unfortunatly true: great food, TERRIBLE service. My parents suprised me by paying for our meal- how fun! We wanted to order apps & zerts! (Parks & Rec anyone?) in addition to our meal. I think I got on our waitress’s bad side when I asked if they had any “fun non alcoholic drinks.” She looked at me like I had just asked her to murder someone for me. She said she “guessed she could get me a strawberry lemonade…” Ok sounds great, server lady. We also ordered the Not-So-Nachos with pork on top.

So the drinks came, the nachos came,……..and AN HOUR LATER our waitress showed back up at our table. But it gets worse-she doesn’t take our order…. she asks us, “So got any room for dessert?” I’m 100% serious. Luckily, the patio provides awesome people watching and the weather was great. It was more funny than anything else. If the menu didn’t look so bomb, we would have left. The food was totally worth the wait.luckily! Here’s what we ordered:


Appetizer: Not-So-Nachos With Pork. (So yummy, very spicy! They also had some yummy looking tater tots on the apps menu too!)

Katie: Achiote Salmon with Chorizo Corn Arepa. Seriously some of the best salmon I’ve ever had in my life. It was cooked perfectly and plated with poblano pepper cream sauce. I love well blended flavors and this was PERFECT.

Maggie: Carne Asada with Potato Pancake The potato pancake was a little meh, but the carne asada was on point! Again, lots of flavors in this dish.

Betsy: The Vigan Not Quite Vegan Sandwich Betsy loved this sandwich. I’m not a huge olive fan and it had an olive tapenade. There were also lots of choices of sides!

The server did redeem herself a little bit when she brought out a DELISH birthday brownie with an amazing carmel sauce.


The crowd was eclectic- cougars, 30 somethings meeting for drinks after work, and hot girls who looked lost. They do $5 burgers & fries on Mondays and have lots of live music throughout the week. Their brunch sounds good and they have a cute grassy area where you can play bocce. Overall, I would come back for the food, but the service needs some work.


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