[image via Hunted And Handmadeon Etsy. She has so many cute prints!]

Gold, arrows, golden arrows- definitely a theme of today’s links! What can I say? I love a good trend. Sue me.

I love this little compass ring! I saw this tutorial like 100 years ago and I bought the compasses from the dollar store and lost the compasses. Maybe it’s a sign.

These ideas are ALMOST enough to make me want a tattoo. ALMOST.

I love this idea for painted mugs from The Worley House. Plus I just love Andrea and her ADORABLEEE kids…so you should read her blog anyways.

Um my freaking roommate started a blog and I didn’t even know! Follow her amazing adventures leading a team of ladies across the ocean here!

Will someone please invite me to this party?!?

Bringing to a serious side, this campaign about gun control is really interesting & raises some great questions.

This necklace DIY is so cute but I’m not sure that I have the skills to make it look cute.

Anything you’ve been loving on the interwebs??!? Holler at me!!

Katie Cannon

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