High Five for Friday! #H54F

This was a pretty low key week. I’m settling into my job and figuring out some new rhythms. Here are my top 5 for the week!

1. Nail DiY I’m pretty proud of the way my nails came out! I watched Kandee Johnsons’s tutorial- a lot easier than you’d think!

2. Eye make up! With this new palette, I have also been trying new things courtesy of Kandee & other YouTubers and Pinteresters. Mostly what I’ve learned is that it’s alllllllll about blending.

3. Wireless keyboard This thing is SO fan and makes typing from my iPad so much easier! I typed this whole post with it.

4. Bday celebration. So fun. Delish brownie.

5. Enchiladaaaaas! Mag makes bomb enchiladas with green chile in the sauce. She even got me sour cream even though it makes her gag! It was so nice to see the sisters for one night…..before they both leave me!!

That’s all folks! Tomorrow is an XA wedding for the ages. I’ve already talked about how excited I am…..but it is seriously going to be so amazing. I can feel the tears coming already!!!!


Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth.
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