High Five for Friday!! #h54f

Summer is in full swing for this girl! Lunchin’, brunchin’, and lots of friends! And this is only the beginning!!! Here are my top 5 for the week!


1. Lemonade I’ve been drinking lemonade every chance I get! Dutch Bros had it for 50c. It’s super yummy!!

2. Green/Nami.
Oh my enough said. So good. Go there now.

3. The Bachelorette Premiere!
I really like Des but I wasn’t a fan of many of the guys. Several of them seem a little….feminine…or just straight up annoying. But I guess it takes a while to get to know them & like them. Mostly it’s just fun to hang out. 🙂 #fantasysuitefail

4. Bajablast Chug I was seriously crying Sunday night during our game night extravaganza. Why are board games so hilarious!?!

5. 30 Rock Marathon I love this show so much and it was so fun to hang out with Courbyne!! Can’t wait to do it again!

Gearing up for a weekend full of work and maybe some fun thrown in! We’ll see!!



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LINKS ON LINKS! With a new look!

Here’s my rando collection of things I found across the interwebs this week…. I added photo because I like that when magazines have photos. Ha haha


1. These Quinoa Pizza Bites sound amazing! I wonder if they would fall apart….

2. A necklace with my twitter handle? Yes please! I’ll take one in gold, thank you!

3. This is an interesting story of The Hollywood Housewife’s journey towards faith. My guess is that if we met, we wouldn’t agree on everything but I enjoyed her real & raw story.

4. Tips from my fav on how to make your produce last longer! Love love love this!

5. Who is your Barbara? Who are you pursuing to mentor YOU? Some great thoughts.

6. A peeling banana Popsicle….coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

7. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try frying , but these fried pickles sound kinda good….

8. Are you following the famous Ollie on the gram?!

9. Aaron Samuels– good at math and a wise man.

Let me know what you’re finding, too! Xoxo

GOOD EATS: Green & Nami!


My dear friend Abby is headed to the end of the earth this summer. (story of my life this summer! hmmm I wonder if this could be the reason? ;)) Im so thankful for Abby’s friendship and how “real” she is. It seemed only “natural” that we go to a Vegan/vegetarian restaurant. (har har!) Plus Abby’s mostly vegan so that works out too. Haha

Green has two locations- we went to the one in downtown phoenix. The crowd is definitely hipster/artsy but it was suprisingly not intimidating. The style is sort of minimalist industrial. Look how great their ice machine is! And the awesome spiral stair case!

The girl at the counter helped us decide what to order (EVERYTHING looked good!) I ended up going with the girl’s reccomendation of the Original G Po’ Boy- a buffalo mock chicken sandwhich with vegan mayo. Abby got the Spicy “Chicken” Peanut Salad.


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high five for friday. #h54f


1. So good to hear from Betsy! She’s doing so well on her XA expedition. She could use your prayers! So keep on prayin’!

2. Closer, Bethel Live This song has been my jam this week! It has given me so much peace! I seriously was worshiping so intensely on weds, I fell asleep! You can listen here.

3. Sunday Funday at Ikea.
With some of my faves! 2 people walked out with beds and just about everyone had an ice cream cone!

4. The BFF’s Sky sky baby and I picked up Trenton at school. I asked him if he wanted McDonalds or Slickables…..he said “the place with the toppings!” I am always down for froyo so that’s what we did! We discussed Justin Timberlake, pool parties, chi alpha kids, first grade, and how Trenton thinks I’m too “funny & weird” to be a teacher. He did an impression. Haha

5. This ring & the summer of risks! I made my bucket list and I’m just feeling in the mood to take some (healthy!) risks! Weird X rings? Yep! Skulls on things? Maybe! Spontaneous adventures? Definitely. Step 1-I am picking up my new, quirky glasses this morning!

Also- seriously how cute is skyler? You would die if you heard him sing “Jesus Loves Me”….. Or what he calls “Bible.” So CUTE!


This has been a good week. Looking forward to a low key weekend! Love summer!!


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how I started to suck less at praying.


You guys…I wish I was like some crazy intercessor who could spend hours on her knees trevailing over our nation. But the fact of the matter is…I’m not. There are about a bajillion verses in the Bible that liken life to running a race. You wouldn’t start off running a marathon, right? You’d train up to that! So I have this weird little thing I do to remember to pray more for people I really care about a little bit at a time. I pick out symbols or things that remind me of them, and then when ever I see or hear that thing, I pray for them right there.

I’ll give you some examples….don’t laugh.

When Taylor Swift’s “We are never getting back together” comes on the radio, I pray for Kristen because she told me that she heard it a million times on a road trip one time.

When I see this one kind of bush, I pray for Sam to be healed of allergies because one time she told me she was allergic to that kind of bush.

My neighbor has a license plate that says “LILYPOP.” For some reason that reminds me of a girl named Lily that I met and got to pray for from the Wilder Tour. I see the license plate every morning when I leave!

When I see a white truck, it reminds me of Shawn…I remember to pray for Shawn & Candi and Chi Alpha and their fam.

I know it’s weird, but it’s a way to work some prayer into my day. I’ve known people to “name” their fingers and then pray through their fingers throughout the day. Also, the car & shower are prime houses of prayer too. I don’t think that this all replaces spending time with Jesus and the Word, but it’s a way for me to train myself into praying more and bringing a little Phillipians 4:6 into my life : “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Can’t we all afford to have a little less anxiety in our lives?!

Do you have any weird prayer techniques?! I’d love to hear them! I won’t laugh, promise!

Summer Bucket List 2013

Temperatures are headed beyond 100, QT Drinks are 59c, and I am in the mood to nap in my swimsuit- I think we know what that means: it’s summer time! I’m not in school anymore…but we decided today that summer is more of a mindset. It’s a season to be a little more carefree, a little less scheduled, and have a little more fun! I wrote out a list of all of the fun things I want to do this summer…some serious things…mostly fun things!

Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did originally write “get really tan” 3x…. I’ll be updating the blog when I check something off! What do you want to get done this summer?!

Ok with out further ado….here’s my list!

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High Five for Friday! #H54F


1. Parents in town. So fun!
2. Girls Night! So fun hanging out at the fanciest house ever and pretending I was a princess.
3.A Beautiful Mess App Sigh….love the blog, love the app. Luckily I got an iTunes gift card for my birthday! I splurged on several of the in app purchases! Totally worth 99c. (Phonto is still my fav for adding text, though.)
4. Ollie! My roommate got the cutest cat in the world! (Besides my sisters cat rory, of course!)
5. The little traveler! Betsy is off in a far away land. Miss her- but so proud of her!

Mag is moving this weekend…I’m working but hopefully I can help her a little bit!! I’m so excited to see her new apt!! I am also dying to see The Great Gatsby…so we’ll see how the weekend unfolds! I hope you have a great one!

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links on links.


This edition of Links on Links is part weird gifs and part beauty products. Sooooo here they are!

I took this quiz from Pew Research to find out how millennial I am… I only scored a 40! (Probably because I’m a weirdo who listens to the news and has un divorced parents. 🙂 what’d you get?!

I can’t decide if home made pop tarts sound amazing or not worth the work. Also these sound a little more like toaster strudels… Which are delicious & superior to pop tarts.

This is both the freakiest & most fascinating .gifs I’ve ever seen.

This .gif is so hilarious I literally lol-Ed.

How stinking cute is this quote board & free printable?!!

For those of us that are cosmetically challenged, this is a great tip for an easy cat eye.

Love, love,love that Candi is putting gems like this
out into the blogging world. Keep em coming!

While I am still into coconut oil, I am not equally obsessed with this rose oil for my cuticles. The nail school recommended it to me and and my hang nails are gone! I put some on in the morning and night after I’m all done taking off/ putting on my make up. Plus, it smells amaze! (Oh and it’s cheaper at the school than on amazon AND they will refill it for $2!)

I’m also into elf’s zit zapper. It’s mostly just roll on tea tree oil & salicylic acid and it really reduces inflammation.

Have you found any thing interesting on the Internet recently?!

**This post is based on Sometimes Sweet‘s “Weekend Links.” You can read her latest links here.



my parents came into town in honor of my little sister Betsy graduating! We have a pretty consistant playlist of restaurants we go to when they come: Mission Palms Hotel brunch, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant on Mill, Chompies on University, Spinatos in Tempe, and my mom’s ultimate fav… In n Out. Haha All are delish and get my high recommendation.

it was nice to have a weird sort of staycation. we spent friday napping at the pool and ordering food to our cabana. haha who am i?

we sent little betsy off on an XA expedition on Saturday. She is miles away, advancing the Kingdom and I could not be more proud. If you’re the praying type, Mag & I are praying every day at 7pm (AZ time) for Bets & her team. Id love for you to join us! We got an email from her this morning while we were eating breakfast- she’s drinking lots of tea and enjoying the hospitality of the locals.

we put mom & dad on a plane this morning back to IL…theyll be back in just a few months for their annual summer vacay to AZ. it was nice to see them and it will be nice to see them again in the summer!

PS: OH! and if you’re wondering about the results of my latest YOLO POLL-O, i have decided to slowly go lighter! the results this time around weren’t super dramatic, but next time- ill post before and after pics!

PPS: Shout out to all you weirdos who stalked your way to my blog ;). Glad to have you along for the ride! I’m toying around with doing some interview posts- let me know if I can interview you!

one second every day: april

One week into May, and here’s my recap of April! April’s photos are pretty boring- mostly Selfies and nails. Hahah I’m kidding….kind of….hah. Sometimes boring is good. Sometimes it means healthy routines. Sometimes boring is exciting.

Without further ado- one second from every day from the month of April.

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