High Five for Friday!


1. Rae! So fun to have her in town and spend our version of quality time; Diet Coke & HGTV!

2. Connection Brunch! My church did a brunch highlighting all of the ministries and it was so fun! I love my church! I love brunch!

3. The Wedding. Enough said.

4. Red Velvet Pancakes! YUM! I got this mix in my EasterBasket. They were even better than I expected!

5. This quote. I just like it. You do you.

This is going to be an exciting weekend! Michelle & Grant are playing at Sozo Coffee tonight and I’m so excited to go see them! (You’re totes invited! Sozo is awesome!). Tomorrow, I’m hosting m little small group. We’re having a movie night- I’m planning some fun things and giveaways! You’re invited to that too! Can’t wait to share some photos!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Katie Cannon

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