A Night with Grant & Michelle @ Sozo Coffee

Last night, Grant & Michelle played at Sozo coffee. (It’s at like Alma School & Warner?) It was my first time to Sozo- and it was so cute! They had a standard Cartel-ish espresso menu- but also a bonus “Fun Drinks” Menu. I got a vanilla Honey Latte and grabbed the seat Mag & Bets had so graciously saved for me!


Grant & Michelle played a great set of everything from Jason Mraz to Oasis to John Mayer to edgy indie music that is cooler than me. I love the way their voices sound together- Michelle’s soulful, warm voice blends so well with Grant’s slightly twangy sound.

There were so many friends there and it was fun to catch up and hear about people literally going around the world this summer! So fun! Oh and at one point, Blige and I started a clap, that turned into a snap, that turned into a shake. So there was that….ha.


It was the perfect, low key way to spend a Friday night. Sozo has tons of open mic nights and live music all the time. I’d love to go back! Wanna come?!?!



Katie Cannon

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