my parents came into town in honor of my little sister Betsy graduating! We have a pretty consistant playlist of restaurants we go to when they come: Mission Palms Hotel brunch, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant on Mill, Chompies on University, Spinatos in Tempe, and my mom’s ultimate fav… In n Out. Haha All are delish and get my high recommendation.

it was nice to have a weird sort of staycation. we spent friday napping at the pool and ordering food to our cabana. haha who am i?

we sent little betsy off on an XA expedition on Saturday. She is miles away, advancing the Kingdom and I could not be more proud. If you’re the praying type, Mag & I are praying every day at 7pm (AZ time) for Bets & her team. Id love for you to join us! We got an email from her this morning while we were eating breakfast- she’s drinking lots of tea and enjoying the hospitality of the locals.

we put mom & dad on a plane this morning back to IL…theyll be back in just a few months for their annual summer vacay to AZ. it was nice to see them and it will be nice to see them again in the summer!

PS: OH! and if you’re wondering about the results of my latest YOLO POLL-O, i have decided to slowly go lighter! the results this time around weren’t super dramatic, but next time- ill post before and after pics!

PPS: Shout out to all you weirdos who stalked your way to my blog ;). Glad to have you along for the ride! I’m toying around with doing some interview posts- let me know if I can interview you!

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