links on links.


This edition of Links on Links is part weird gifs and part beauty products. Sooooo here they are!

I took this quiz from Pew Research to find out how millennial I am… I only scored a 40! (Probably because I’m a weirdo who listens to the news and has un divorced parents. 🙂 what’d you get?!

I can’t decide if home made pop tarts sound amazing or not worth the work. Also these sound a little more like toaster strudels… Which are delicious & superior to pop tarts.

This is both the freakiest & most fascinating .gifs I’ve ever seen.

This .gif is so hilarious I literally lol-Ed.

How stinking cute is this quote board & free printable?!!

For those of us that are cosmetically challenged, this is a great tip for an easy cat eye.

Love, love,love that Candi is putting gems like this
out into the blogging world. Keep em coming!

While I am still into coconut oil, I am not equally obsessed with this rose oil for my cuticles. The nail school recommended it to me and and my hang nails are gone! I put some on in the morning and night after I’m all done taking off/ putting on my make up. Plus, it smells amaze! (Oh and it’s cheaper at the school than on amazon AND they will refill it for $2!)

I’m also into elf’s zit zapper. It’s mostly just roll on tea tree oil & salicylic acid and it really reduces inflammation.

Have you found any thing interesting on the Internet recently?!

**This post is based on Sometimes Sweet‘s “Weekend Links.” You can read her latest links here.

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