Summer Bucket List 2013

Temperatures are headed beyond 100, QT Drinks are 59c, and I am in the mood to nap in my swimsuit- I think we know what that means: it’s summer time! I’m not in school anymore…but we decided today that summer is more of a mindset. It’s a season to be a little more carefree, a little less scheduled, and have a little more fun! I wrote out a list of all of the fun things I want to do this summer…some serious things…mostly fun things!

Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did originally write “get really tan” 3x…. I’ll be updating the blog when I check something off! What do you want to get done this summer?!

Ok with out further ado….here’s my list!

1. Go salt river tubing
2. Get really tan
3. Go on an awesome solo staycation (any recommendations? Somewhere with an awesome pool…)
4. See The Great Gatsby Done!
5. Get closer to this hair color.
6. Get a great pedi! My feet look cray! (Not a surprise to those closest to me! Haha) Done!
7. Do some fun active things- like take a class here & go on a night hike! Half Done
8. Find the perfect summer robe. (Like this one but a Ross version…) Done!
9. Go to Nami for Brunch. Done!
10. Go to a worship service @ Phoenix First Done!
11. Read 3 books that contribute to spiritual development- any suggestions!? I’m thinking some old school theologians!
11. Make homemade lemonade
13. Make a great summer salad! Done!
14. Buy ice cream from a truck….or at least a food truck. Done!
15. Spend the whole day in my swim suit. Done!
16. Go to a baseball game Done!
17. See an outdoor concert Done!
18. Spend an early morning walking through the prayer garden at Caanan in the Desert.
19. Go to Bahama Bucks! Done!

Maybe I’ll add things to the list, but I’m excited for a fun summer!!!

4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2013

  1. Andrea Worley (@andreaworley)

    this is a great list! i really love this idea.

    ice cream food trucks…check out sweet republic! they are delish and right there in scottsdale!

    JW Marriott is an awesome resort with a cool pool, they are right by Dessert Ridge in Scottsdale.

    That’s all i got!

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