high five for friday. #h54f


1. So good to hear from Betsy! She’s doing so well on her XA expedition. She could use your prayers! So keep on prayin’!

2. Closer, Bethel Live This song has been my jam this week! It has given me so much peace! I seriously was worshiping so intensely on weds, I fell asleep! You can listen here.

3. Sunday Funday at Ikea.
With some of my faves! 2 people walked out with beds and just about everyone had an ice cream cone!

4. The BFF’s Sky sky baby and I picked up Trenton at school. I asked him if he wanted McDonalds or Slickables…..he said “the place with the toppings!” I am always down for froyo so that’s what we did! We discussed Justin Timberlake, pool parties, chi alpha kids, first grade, and how Trenton thinks I’m too “funny & weird” to be a teacher. He did an impression. Haha

5. This ring & the summer of risks! I made my bucket list and I’m just feeling in the mood to take some (healthy!) risks! Weird X rings? Yep! Skulls on things? Maybe! Spontaneous adventures? Definitely. Step 1-I am picking up my new, quirky glasses this morning!

Also- seriously how cute is skyler? You would die if you heard him sing “Jesus Loves Me”….. Or what he calls “Bible.” So CUTE!


This has been a good week. Looking forward to a low key weekend! Love summer!!


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