GOOD EATS: Green & Nami!


My dear friend Abby is headed to the end of the earth this summer. (story of my life this summer! hmmm I wonder if this could be the reason? ;)) Im so thankful for Abby’s friendship and how “real” she is. It seemed only “natural” that we go to a Vegan/vegetarian restaurant. (har har!) Plus Abby’s mostly vegan so that works out too. Haha

Green has two locations- we went to the one in downtown phoenix. The crowd is definitely hipster/artsy but it was suprisingly not intimidating. The style is sort of minimalist industrial. Look how great their ice machine is! And the awesome spiral stair case!

The girl at the counter helped us decide what to order (EVERYTHING looked good!) I ended up going with the girl’s reccomendation of the Original G Po’ Boy- a buffalo mock chicken sandwhich with vegan mayo. Abby got the Spicy “Chicken” Peanut Salad.


Both were DELICIOUS! Mine came with thyme fries- yum! I know that fake meat can sound a little scary…but you seriously couldn’t tell the difference. They also had lots of fun drinks- I love fun drinks!

From left to right: Berry Lemonade, Green Tea, Vitmo, and Sweet Lime. My fav by far was the lemonade (obviously)! The Sweet lime was good, and the Vitmo tasted like cherry kool aid. They said that some people mix them up to make custom beverages- maybe next time!

After we stuffed our selves, we just HAD to head next door to their sister shop: Nami! It’s a vegan bakery/coffee shop.


Again, the staff was edgy but super friendly. They make these things call “tsoynamis”- they’re like DQ Blizzards made with a soy based, organic soft serve. The girl working suggested an “Affogato.” I googled it- it means “drowned.” It was some of the soy froyo with two shots of espresso poured over it and then chocolate sauce. OH-EM_GEE. SO AMAZING.

Then we started to see people get tsoynamis….and we immediatly regretted our decision to share. one looked more amazing than the next! They do live music on Sunday nights and we may just have to stop by! Look how cute/artsy it is:

I will definetly be back to both places- they hit it out of the park with food service &atmosphere. Mostly it was just really fun to sit and chat and be friends. Im thankful for Abby and I am going to miss her this summer!!


PS: They also have awesome, stylized bathrooms. Obvs a selfie was in order.


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