LINKS ON LINKS! With a new look!

Here’s my rando collection of things I found across the interwebs this week…. I added photo because I like that when magazines have photos. Ha haha


1. These Quinoa Pizza Bites sound amazing! I wonder if they would fall apart….

2. A necklace with my twitter handle? Yes please! I’ll take one in gold, thank you!

3. This is an interesting story of The Hollywood Housewife’s journey towards faith. My guess is that if we met, we wouldn’t agree on everything but I enjoyed her real & raw story.

4. Tips from my fav on how to make your produce last longer! Love love love this!

5. Who is your Barbara? Who are you pursuing to mentor YOU? Some great thoughts.

6. A peeling banana Popsicle….coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

7. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try frying , but these fried pickles sound kinda good….

8. Are you following the famous Ollie on the gram?!

9. Aaron Samuels– good at math and a wise man.

Let me know what you’re finding, too! Xoxo

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