High Five for Friday!! #h54f

Summer is in full swing for this girl! Lunchin’, brunchin’, and lots of friends! And this is only the beginning!!! Here are my top 5 for the week!


1. Lemonade I’ve been drinking lemonade every chance I get! Dutch Bros had it for 50c. It’s super yummy!!

2. Green/Nami.
Oh my enough said. So good. Go there now.

3. The Bachelorette Premiere!
I really like Des but I wasn’t a fan of many of the guys. Several of them seem a little….feminine…or just straight up annoying. But I guess it takes a while to get to know them & like them. Mostly it’s just fun to hang out. 🙂 #fantasysuitefail

4. Bajablast Chug I was seriously crying Sunday night during our game night extravaganza. Why are board games so hilarious!?!

5. 30 Rock Marathon I love this show so much and it was so fun to hang out with Courbyne!! Can’t wait to do it again!

Gearing up for a weekend full of work and maybe some fun thrown in! We’ll see!!



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2 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!! #h54f

  1. Breathe & Nourish

    Okay, yes, can we please discuss The Bachelorette? I agree with you. My friends and I are doing a Bachelorette bracket and I had the hardest time picking who would last the longest because they were either very jerk-like or very young-feminine looking. This should be a very entertaining season just because of how horrible the selection is! Ha.

    I’ve never watched 30 Rock, but I did listen to Tina Fey’s Bossypants last week and this week! Maybe I should start watching it?

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