#6 Get a great pedicure


Summer means sandals! Which means exposing my gross feet! Ah! I went to my neighborhood pedicure shop- and was pleasantly surprised! The chair was so comfy, the tech gave an amazing and thorough massage, and…the entire experience was semi comical. Here’s what happened:

When trying to upsell me to hot stone: “One lady got hot stones- said it was better than sex. I feel bad for her boy friend.”

When I apologized for my small nails: “That’s ok. We not here to judge.”

When this rando employee in a bro tank came in and brought her coconut water, and she scoffed, he replied, “it’s not milk! It’s like…the juice of a coconut.” He then proceeded to sit on one of the other pedi chairs and put his feet up.

When I thought my chair was malfunctioning and making weird noises, a lady came around the cornere and gabbed something off a printer….that was right behind my head.

Hahah any ways….here’s what my toes ended up looking like:


I was seriously so relaxed, I went right home afterward and took a nap instead of the shopping I had planned. Isn’t that what summer is all about? Changing plans and taking naps?! I say yes!

Summer love!

Katie Cannon
At the beginning of the summer, I wrote out a list of fun things I wanted to get done this summer! You can read the complete list here and all the posts here!

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