High Five for Friday! #H54F

Can I just say life is gooooood right now? Because it is. The only downfall of summer in Phoenix is having to get into a car…especially one with leather seats. But enough complaining- on to the top 5 of the week!


1. Pretending to be a mermaid. Got to go swimming in this pool & go down a water slide. Love love love.

2. Free SnoCone! Bets and I went to lunch and when we left, there was a sign that said “Free SnoCone.” We took full advantage! So summery and yummy!

3. 5th&Wine A little celebration to say goodbye to Erin before she goes to camp! The place is adorable & hidden in Old Town amidst the weird junk shops & art galleries. (Shout out to Erin! My first coworker to be mentioned on the blog! Haha)

4. Good bye, Abby! Oh I am so thankful for Abby. She is such a good friend. Like she is good at being a friend. And she just left for a LONG FREAKING TIME (like 2 months….) to go advance the Kingdom around the world. Pray for her with me! This girl is a certified world changer.

5. Betsy came home! While there were lots of goodbyes this week, there was a big homecoming! Betsy and her team came home with many stories to tell! So so so so proud of her! Mag and I were so excited to see her! (and the rest of the team, of course.)

I’m excited to knock a few things off the bucket list this weekend!!


Katie Cannon

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth!

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