High Five for Friday! #h54f

Yet another week of soaking up the summer. Between all three of our schedules, it can be hard to figure out when my sisters and I will do all the things we want to do. I suppose that’s a good problem to have- too much fun to schedule! We have managed to get some things in… Here are the top 5 of the week!

1. Postino What a dream. So fun to catch up with Emily and eat delish bruschetta. Oh and witness so many dates!

2. Sky sky baby. We cannot get enough of this kid- he is so full of personality! His bro & sis are fun to hang out with too!

3. Train Park. Fun fun fun!

4. Happy homecomings. It was so fun to run into Megan @ Los Favs. Also, obvs I love that Morgan is home too! God is moving all around the world- this is the generation that will take His name to the ends of the earth!

5. Summer treat. I stopped by my sisters’ apt the other night and they had froyo & fruit waiting. Yummmmmm

Who knows where this weekend will take me! I’m teaching Kids Church on Sunday- and that’s always an adventure! Do you have any big weekend plans?!



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