lately by the letters.

These are all things that shouldn’t get their whole own post but have happened lately or that I’ve found or whatever! As always, it’s my blog & I do what I want! Haha here they are from A to..I…not Z…because again- I do what I want. Haha

a. See the last sentence above. For some reason this is really funny to me.

b. this is a picture of some of the lovely ladies I work with. I keep trying to decide if I fit in the picture. Most of you that know me, know of my blonde phobia/intimidation so this picture may come as a surprise to you.

c.dude- did you know gelato is like SUPER popular in Gilbert? Well it is. There was a line out the door. Which I voluntarily waited in. Which is weird because I hate lines. I did run into an old friend and eat some delish gelato. So…worth it. loving spending summer with my sisters. Just loving it.

e. best QT drink combo: half dr pepper/half regular dr pepper. Ok that is after they got rid of strawberry fanta- because the best combo before was strawberry fanta/squirt.

f. this is funny to me too. Sorry about the language. Or not. YOLO.

g. Switching gears, Beni J posted this & Bridgette told me the exact same thing a few months ago. about a year ago Sarah gave me a word about arrows/ this arrow statute and about 2 years ago Steve gave me a word about getting shot out of a bow. So- I think God may be trying to tell me something! Ha

h. Little Betsy has set a moving date. 😦 but :). She’s doing the missions base that Marina wrote about here. She has to raise like $2800 to go. Support her?

i. My fb has been giving me ads for hijabs & raver wear. Prettttty accurate depiction of my life, fb.

What have you been up to, world? Any fav Qt combos?

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