the proposal: jen & clark 4 ever.


Can I be honest with you for a moment, Internet? One time (sort of recently) I started crying while watching Saved by the Bell because I wanted a group of friends that were as tight and diverse as the kids at Bayside. It can be so hard to make good girl friends and Jen has been such an answer to my prayers! It has been so great to see her grow in relationship with Clark and tackle issues head on. Naturally, when Clark started secretly planning the proposal, I was elated. He has done nothing but honor her throughout their whole relationship. I think it’s rare to find a man who has character like Clark- willing to apologize, a man of his word, and more. Plus it’s clear that they are disgustingly in love with each other. Here’s how it all went down… In pictures:



And then there was much hugging & rejoicing…



I think this picture is so special…perfectly captures Dana’s father’s heart:


It was so fun to be a part of a big suprise! Then, Clark had reservations for us all at Olive & Ivy- SO GOOD! While we waited, we sipped tea & lemonade from The Herb Box. A-maze.


We enjoyed a DEEEEEELICIOUS meal at Olive & Ivy. Seriously so yummy- and never ending! I had the salmon and it was phenomenal. (You may remember the last time I was at Olive & Ivy with Jen & Clark…)


It was so fun to celebrate Jen & Clark. I can’t wait to see how God continues to bless them as they start this journey together! Congratulations, guys!!


PS: here are some bonus pictures from when we were waiting:



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