The Fourth of July! #redwhiteandbetsy


With Betsy moving on the fifth, we decided the Fourth of July was a perfect time o throw one last hurrah! We celebrated with food, friends, and mandatory swimming!!

I had grand plans to do a lemonade bar and a million other Pinterest ideas…but I had to work every day except for the fourth…so I decided sleep was more important. 🙂 I made pulled pork in the crock pot and other people brought great food too!


The flag pizza cookie was easy and looked like it was more work than it was! I used store bought cookie dough and frosting. Easy peasy. The cupcakes with sprinkles were on sale for a dollar at the store. Sold!

I’m also on a major watermelon kick this summer. Growing up, our FAVORITE thing my mom was this watermelon jello. She would make watermelon jello in a glass pie plate, color cool whip green, and sprinkle chocolate chips in the middle. I made mini versions! I saw the idea for watermelon on a stick from Skinny Taste. Everything is more fun on a stick!


We enjoyed time around the pool,chatting, and celebrating our nation’s independence!




After that, we made the worst decision of our lives and went to Tempe to watch fireworks. It was packed. After finding a spot a million miles away& getting yelled at by a security guard, we made the most of it and lit sparklers. Haha definitely a memory!







It was a super fun fourth. Arizona definitely is different from the Midwest- but I think we made the most of it! Hope you enjoyed your fourth too!!

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