YOLO POLL-O: Summer of Risks Boy Challenge


So if you didn’t know….I am having a summer of healthy risks. I just realized I kept shying away from some things for no reason- so I’m making a concerted effort to take more risks!

At work the other day, 2 of the ladies decided they were going to do a Weds-Sun boy challenge. I’m not going to put their business over the Internet- but basically the have 4 days to complete (or not complete) a specific task with some boys they’ve been talking to. (as long as you guys don’t chicken out!!!!!)

So I need a challenge too, right?! I need some suggestions and I need some votes. I texted several of my most romantically savvy/opinionated ladies for ideas……and they didn’t come up with much! So I’m putting it to the Internet! I am open to what ever suggestion you throw! (Within reason of course.) It should be something fun, concrete, and something that can be completed within the Tuesday-Sunday time frame! (PS this is mostly for fun, not serious. No freak outs, please. 🙂 )

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