#19 Go to Bahama Bucks

My very first summer in Arizona, I was living with my dear friend Rae and her family. (Hey Yvonne!!) Rae said to me, “There are two things you have to do in Arizona over the summer: go tubing and eat Bahama Bucks.” Bahama Bucks is a shaved ice place with about a million different flavors. Sounds good to me! Mag just moved to the other end of the planet and as she says, “I don’t live by much, but I do live by Bahama Bucks!”

Mag & I went after a thoroughly underwhelming trip to Sonic. I haven’t been to Bahama Bucks since that first summer, so both of us were totally unprepared. There are SO MANY FLAVORSSSS. Luckily, the staff was super helpful and even gave us samples! We both got Bahama Rama Mamas- shaved ice, cream, and ice cream on the bottom! YUM! Mag got birthday cake flavored and I got half birthday cake/half Big Red. Big Red is a strawberry cream soda flavor. So so so yummy.


The color change spoons are so cool! The whole atmosphere is very family friendly- you can even check out board games. I think we’re going to try to go next week and do that!

On our way out, we followed what appeared to the local tradition of sticking your umbrella in the tree. I sucked at it…and it was hilarious.


If you’re stuck in the thousand degree Arizona heat- Bahama Bucks is mandatory! Go get some! Yum yum yum! Another one checked off the list! We’re about half way through the summer- so I gotta get cracking on the rest of my list!!

PS: I realize that it looks like I went by myself but Maggie said that the rule was I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of her. I personally thought she looked adorable after studying all day. 🙂
At the beginning of the summer, I wrote out a list of fun things I wanted to get done this summer! You can read the complete list here and all the posts here!

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