Ask Aubray (Or be careful what you text me!)

Today I have a special treat- an interview with someone fabulous! Let me tell you the story of how this delight came to be!


The other day, I went to True Food Kitchen with Aubray.(It was just as delicious as the last time I was there!) Anyways, we took photos of our food and of us (duh). Aubray texted me the photo above and… I’ll just let you read the convo for yourself:


Let me introduce Aubray- Aubray is an angel. She is so beautifully sensitive and tenderhearted. The way she talks about her family and friends- you can just tell how deeply she cares about them. Aubray is an adventurer – she picked up an moved to AZ all the way from FREAKING ALASKA and studied in Australia! Oh AND she is training to compete in a fitness competition- she’s like extra buff. Oh and-fast fact- her name is “Au-bray” not “Au-bree.” When I first met her, I just thought everyone was being obnoxious when they pronounced her name. Haha

As you can see (read?), she has many areas of expertise. (Not to mention the fact that she taught me how to play bingo!) I am so excited that Aubray said yes to an interview- and she gave some BOMB answers. Without further ado, Ask Aubray!

1. You moved all the way to Arizona from Alaska and spent time Down Unda. What is your best piece of advice for someone who is about to make a big move? What do you wish you would have known?

I would say the best piece of advice is to pack light! If i would have
known this, I wouldn’t have showed up with 5 pieces of luggage and 2
boxes! 🙂 Sell as much of your items as you can and re-buy only the things
you need when you get settled in. The amount of places to shop here
compared to Alaska is huge….and at a very affordable price at that!

It’s an amazing experience to travel somewhere new all on your own so try
to take everything in rather than hold back! 🙂

2. Purple hair. Neon. You have a great sense of personal style. How would
you encourage someone to develop there own sense of style?

Simple, be YOU. If you like something, wear it! Don’t be afraid of what
others think. Rather than copying others, learn from them and incorporate
it into your own personal style. By taking a ‘fashion risk’ chances are
you will inspire others just like someone did you!

3. What’s the biggest health myth that everyone believes that drives you

The myth: doing hours of cardio will get you the body you want!
Yes, cardio is important for weight loss HOWEVER you will not tone and
shape your body without heavy lifting and most importantly, a healthy
diet! The phrase ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ is so true! It is 70% diet,
30% working out. People look at me like I’m crazy but ab’s are one of the
easiest muscles to develop. Want a flat stomach? eat right! Want a bigger
butt? Squats are your best friend! Cardio alone will not do that for you


4. You are hilarious. What’s your best cheesy joke?

Every time I meet someone new I repeat their name back to them in a deep
voice. Try it! You’ll not only remember their name but you’ll make so many
friends 😉

(WTF Right? hahah)

5. You’ve had a milli roommates over the years. What’s your best advice for someone who lives with difficult people?

Setting rules in the beginning and giving each other space. By separating
each other’s food and determining who buys what each month (and then
switching) helps out so much. If you have a problem, go to them right away
rather than letting it build up! I’ve seen so many friendships ruined
because they let their anger build until one day they snap. You don’t
really know a person until you live with them so learning to be patient
will help you in the long run 🙂 and remember….just breathe, no one’s

6. What’s the best part about Alaska? Let us southerners know!

Let’s be honest, what ISN’T the best part about Alaska?! During the
summer, with the sun always up, the amount of activities are endless! If
you are an adventurous person who loves mountains, hiking, camping,
etc….Alaska is perfect for you! If you are more of a winter sport type
of person and love to ski, snowboard, ice fish, snow machine….then
Alaska is perfect for you! HENCE what isn’t the best part about Alaska?!
:)In all honesty, I think everyone needs to experience Alaska at least once
in their lifetime. You won’t regret it. I am very lucky to be from there
and proud to call it my home! 🙂

Ok isn’t she awesome?! Let me know if you think we should do another round of Ask Aubray!! Don’t you think she should start her own blog?! You can tweet her at @braay07– include the hash tag #AskAubray & maybe she’ll answer!

Hope you learned a lil something!


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