High Five for Friday! #H54F


1. Soap Lady Soap!
I’m going to share more, but my mom brought me some amazing home made, organic/natural soap! I can’t wait to share this gem!

2. FaceTime. Sucks that Betsy is in Cali! But luckily there is FaceTime!

3. Parent’s Rental View sigh….I love that house!

4. Sean Smith & Marc!
So fun an so cool to see them share at the Invade Conference at Fresh Start Church! I was super duped blessed!

5. Wits & Wagers. One night, I peer pressured Mag into going to Bahama Bucks. Kurtis & Jordan came too so obvs it turned into game night. Duh.

Fun week! This weekend will be full of spending more time with mom and dad! They’re here for their annual AZ trip! Mom will be here for a whole month! So fun!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth!
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