It is no secret that I am OBSESSED with brunch! I had heard so much about La Grande Orange brunch (or LGO- as those in the know call it!). Since my mom also loves a good breakfast and we were already heading to Last Chance that day, we decided to venture to the Arcadia eatery. The parking sucks…it’s just terrible. We were there at 8:30am on a Monday and had a hard time finding a spot. Usually you can find free parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Once we figured out how to order, (there’s a coffee bar and a food ordering place amidst a bajillion cute items for sale!) I ordered the French pancakes and an iced coffee, my mom ordered the day breaker with a Diet Coke (her signature bev), and we got a piece of coffee cake to split.

Day breaker: egg white omlett with roasted turkey breast topped with avocado & tomato
French Pancakes: crepes topped with strawberries, honey, and creme fraiche.
Coffee Cake: delicious and lemony and filled with cream cheese

Our favorite item-by far- was the coffee cake! It was so moist! We decided if we came again, we would JUST get that and a drink.

After we ate, we checked out all the fun little things they had for sale- everything from cute journals to soap to old candy. Very very fun. My mom got a shirt with a quirky map of the Phoenix area and some cutesy notecards to keep on hand for birthdays.

Like many hipster joints- this place was good…….but didn’t necessarily live up to ALL the hype. It was definitely a mostly-regular crowd. There was quite the age range- young professionals to retirees reading the paper. The coffee was great, the service was ok, and the atmosphere was good. I would definitely go back to meet up with a friend or to try out their pizza options- but I won’t be going out of my way to get there every day. I’m glad I went, though! I had been dying to try it!

If you go:
La Grande Orange
4410 N 40th St, Phoenix
(602) 840-7777
Mon-Thu 4–10pm
Fri-Sun 11am–10pm

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote out a list of fun things I wanted to get done this summer! You can read the complete list here and all the posts here!

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