some of my instafavs


Guys I love Instagram. I use it more than any other social media platform. I think it’s because my fav people are active on it…or something. I just like it. I thought I’d share some of my favorite people I follow that I don’t actually know in real life. 🙂


1. @letthelordbewithyou Oh Lord Scott Disick…you are just one of the most entertaining characters in all of reality TV. If you don’t watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you probably will think he’s just another rich idiot…which he is. But he is just not aware at all of how ridiculous he actually is…which makes his instagrams of bajillion dollar watches all the more entertaining.

2. @eurasia_cafe Wow…bet they never thought they’d end up on a list with Scott Disick. Haha Anyway, I love Eurasia Cafe in general but I especially love that their social media and graphic design is done so well! They sell/market coffee and use the proceeds to bring the Good news to places that have never heard. I’m a fan. 🙂

3. @fitgirlrecovered. I asked Maggie what instagrams she recommended and her response was, “What? Like fitgirlrecovered?” Haha but seriously- this is Rihanna’s health & fitness account. If you’re looking for a balanced approach to getting fit, this account is perfect for you! No “omg I just ate stevia! Cheat meal!” posts here.


4. @WhereShouldWeEat I have a lot of opinions about most things but I am very passionate about good food– especially in the Phoenix area. This account posts about all sorts of restaurants in the Valley and is connected to a website by the same name. Every time they post I think, “Welp, I’m adding that one to my list!” A must follow for Phoenix Foodies!

5. @kristin_ess Sigh….Kristin Ess….. The genius behind/cofounder of The Beauty Department and my beloved Lauren Conrad’s hair stylist. I just love her style & overall aesthetic. Plus she has really cute handwriting.

6. @appsandapps This is an account that I just started following but I’ve already gotten some good ideas from it! They post the apps that “insta famous” people use to edit their photos and different ideas to make photos using apps! I would avoid reading the comments, though. They are almost as bad as @justinbeiber’s.

Honorable mentions go to @findthesloth (they haven’t updated in 4 weeks, but I love the concept!), @granmawithmuscles (Maggie’s other idea), @toneitup (super positive health account), @womenshealthmag (they always have fun weekend challenges that I never do), and me…duh @katiecannonnn.

Do you have any instafavs?!

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