Fight For Beauty- a must watch


Last week, I had the privilege of attended an event called “Fight For Beauty,” hosted by Freedom City Church. Rihanna was sharing her story of recovery from, freedom from , and triumph over an eating disorder. I was crying before she even took the mic. You can watch it in it’s entirely here:

It spurred on lots of good conversations afterwards and really challenged me to think about how I treat my self and my body. I think I’m still processing the night. Rihanna shared about how she recorded affirmations and listened to them every night. (I know! That freaks me out to even hear that!) but here they are…so so so powerful. Dangl


I’ve been slowly trying to read them in my car every day in the morning. I’ve already passed them along to a few friends. And now I share them with you! Such a cool night. Watch the video! And let me know what you think! (Listen for my shout out!)

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