High Five for Friday! #H54F

This was a hard week to pick a top five! So many great things and people and food! Here are my top 5 faves!


1. Blackfish. OMG I went with Christina to see the documentary Blackfish and it was crazy. I don’t even care about animals and it made me want to save all the whales in the world! Or at least at sea world! Go see this movie! On the Christina note- her system in her car is also one of my favs. I got to experience how music was meant to be played….with a lot of bass.

2. THIS WATER BOTTLE! My mom got me this sick waterbottle from AJ’s that has a citrus juicer on the bottom! I’m obsessed!

3. Lolo’s! I had the pleasure of having lunch with the ever sassy & scandalous Claudia. She adds spice to my life.

4. Last Dinner with Dad. Culinary Drop out is bomb. My family is bomb. Enough said.

5. Green with the Girls. Thankful for them. And soy ice cream that doesn’t make me want to die afterwards. Sigh….

See?! Isn’t that a great week!? Honorable mention goes to getting my shattered phone screen fixed! If you need phone assistance- go to Itechs! They are not paying me to say that- they are honest, fair priced, and fast! I was super impressed with their service!

Rae’s coming in to town this weekend AND I’m going kayaking so I’m pretty stoked about this weekend! Do you have anything fun planned?!?!

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