#7 Do some fun active things: kayaking!


My original thought for #7 was to go on a night hike, but when Abby Miller suggested kayaking I was….on board. Hahah I had just replaced by iPhone screen so i was nervous to bring it out on to the water. Soooo… I bought a disposable camera for the occasion! It reminded me of bringing several to summer camp! it was kind of fun to have to be selective about what photos i took and to have the anticipation of getting them developed. Abby brought her iphone, though…so i have a little bit of both.


We decided to go last Saturday… the hottest day on record since 1992. We took the light rail down for and easy trip & rented kayaks from Tempe Boat Rentals for $15/hr.


I literally felt like I was melting. I also didn’t think to wear appropriate clothing, but it worked out.


The walk down to the water…

We paddled for an hour, being silly, and seeing Tempe from a whole new perspective!

I could say a lot about this next picture…a view of the backside of A mountain & the stadium…about how ASU is so close but so far….but I won’t. 🙂







After a long hour, the wind started to whip up and we think it started to rain. It was kind of cool to see the storm come in over the little fake lake. We decided to hit up Thai Spices for some DELISH panang curry and some sweet treats from the Asian bakery next door. You have to go to Thai Spices! It’s in the Mekong Plaza at Dobson & Main in Mesa. YUM! So good! I might like it better than my beloved Thai Basil!



Overall, this outing would not have been as fun with out the Abby’s. They dealt with my neurotic self on the water and are just fun & interesting people to be around. Super fun & I’d love to do it again!

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote out a list of fun things I wanted to get done this summer! You can read the complete list here and all the posts here!

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