High Five for Friday! #H54F

The majority if my top five this week revolve around food. Food is one of my fav things and so very communal.


1. Nami Cupcake. Tried on for the first time- totally delicious. The majority of my yelp reviews are about how much I hate various cupcake shops across the country. Nami takes the …..cake! (I’ve been full of bad puns lately…haha)

2. Sweet Republic…..I can’t wait to do a full Good Eats write up in this place. BEYOND amazing. BEYOND.

3. Being spoiled. I’ve been staying with my mom during her AZ vaycay. This includes such perks as an afternoon cheese plate and my laundry getting done. I’m basically living the life.

4. Kayaking! So fun and so bucket list fulfilling!

5. Roaring Fork to celebrate “Maggie’s half birthday.” Amaze. Can’t wait to write about this place too!

Ok so Rae is actually coming this weekend and tomorrow is Jen’s Bachelorette party! We’re going karaoke-ing! I am so so so excited!

Have a great weekend!

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