Iggy Azalea


Ever since I was an suburban elementary schooler listening to B96, I’ve loved hip hop & r&b! I realize I glow white but I have a weird talent of being able memorize rap lyrics. I just like it, ok? So when Christina asked if I wanted to go to a REAL LIVE RAP CONCERT….how could I say no? (I must confess, this was my second rap concert. #1 was Wu Tang Clan. Haha) We went to see Iggy Azalea- she is a female, white, Australian rapper! I KNOW! It’s crazy!


It was at the Monarch Theatre in Downtown Phoenix- it’s right across from US Airways. It was reminiscent of my “going to shows” days :small & sweaty & perfect. Between the excessive bass, weird grinding, and dudes who though they were Drake, my face pretty much looked like the above picture the whole time. It was a people watching gold mine.


At about 11:15p, there was no sign of Miss Iggy. Christina was all, “If she’s not out here by midnight we are leaving. I’m tired and hungry.” I was all, “yeah!” I was so tired and totally regretting that I wore mini wedges.(I may have taken them off and been bare foot…) At 11:35 she made a triumphant entrance and put on a great performance. She has fierce blonde hair and thinks she’s a thug. She does have a little bit of a mouth…forewarning if you look up her music!

She was a great performer, I almost saw a fight, and I left totally exhausted. A great way to spend a Sunday night and a great end-ish to the #summerofrisks!

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