The Bachelorette Party: Jen’s Farewell Tour

I had the great privilege of cohosting Jen’s Bachelorette Party! I searched Pinterest, the Internet, and beyond for non-disgusting Bachelorette party themes that were FUN but penis straw free. Um…that doesn’t exist on the Internet. In the end, I think Kate and I came up with a great night! Since we knew that the bride loves to sing, we came up with sort of a rock star theme- Jen’s Farewell Tour!

We started the night at the Downtown Phoenix Pita Jungle.


The downtown location is pretty similar to the Tempe location: cool atmosphere, great food, terrible service. We did presents after dinner….I think her faces say it all. 🙂 The presents are for Clark’s eyes only now…


After all the lacy things were opened, we have Jen a list of challenges for the night: propose to someone with a ring pop, dance with someone, get someone to buy her Sex on the Beach(bonus points if it’s virgin), etc. With impeccable timing, a few police officers walked in to the restaurant. A perfect opportunity to propose! Haha They were great sports!

Once that calmed down (we sort of took over the restaurant….), we got ready to head to The Deuce to kareoke. To get everyone in the mood, we had some props (boas, microphones, hair pieces…) and some rocker temporary tattoos- they were a huge hit!


We also gave everyone their own “Backstage Pass”!


I had heard The Deuce was a great place for karaoke and it totally was!



We hula hopped, sang, and danced our pants off! The atmosphere was so fun- everyone was supportive & energetic. I think I expected it to be a little more pretentious/hipster and it wasn’t. They have this vintage vibe going with out trying too hard. It’s just a cool place and I can’t wait to go back!



It was great to track the photos for the night with our hashtag: #JensFarewellTour


We ended the night with some fun favors: a pack of gum, a ring pop, and a pair of big sunglasses. Oh and this little note tucked in:

It was so fun & I hope Jen felt celebrated! Shout out to Kate for planning letting me plan with her via electronic means and trusting me!


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